Emmerich Davies

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How Global Performance Assessments Shape Attitudes toward Government Decision-Making: Survey Experimental Evidence with Thomas Gift and Carlos X. Lastra Anadón. 2021. Governance
  * Replication data

Poor People's Participation: Neoliberal Institutions or Left Turn? with Tulia Falleti. 2017. Comparative Political Studies
  * Press coverage: Financial Times

Under Review

The Lessons Private Schools Teach: Using a Field Experiment to Understand the Effects of Private Services on Political Behavior

Absence: Electoral Cycles and Public Sector Absence

Working Papers

From Universalization to Privatization: Drift in Indian Education Policy

Power to the Parents? Representation and Interest Aggregation in Delhi with Ashwini Deshpande and Parushya

Book Project

From States to Markets: The Political Consequences of Private Services in India

Work in Progress

Globalism, Localism, and Demands for Education Reform: Evidence from a Survey Experiment with Thomas Gift and Carlos X. Lastra Anadón
  * Pre-registered at OSF

Bureaucratic Selection and Politics: Evidence from Teachers in Brazil with Julia Coyoli, Leslie Finger, and Jonathan Phillips
  * Pre-registered at OSF

The Political Effects of Public-Private Partnerships: Evidence from Liberia. With Shelby Carvalho

Teaching the Nation: The Construction of Identity Through Social Science Textbooks in India. With Devika Agrawal and Blair Read.

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