Emmerich Davies

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The Lessons Private Schools Teach: Using a Field Experiment to Understand the Effects of Private Services on Political Behavior. Forthcoming. Comparative Political Studies
  * Winner of the 2023 Comparative International Education
South Asia Special Interest Group Best Article Award.
  * Replication data: GitHub, Dataverse

How Global Performance Assessments Shape Attitudes toward Government Decision-Making: Survey Experimental Evidence with Thomas Gift and Carlos X. Lastra Anadón. 2021. Governance
  * Replication data

Poor People's Participation: Neoliberal Institutions or Left Turn? with Tulia Falleti. 2017. Comparative Political Studies
  * Press coverage: Financial Times

Book Chapters

Forthcoming. "Complexity, Resistance, and Forbearance in Private Markets for Primary Education in India." with Abhinav Ghosh. Chapter in The Research Handbook on Education Privatization and Marketization Editors: Clara Fondevila, Huriya Jabbar, Antoni Verger and Adrian Zancajo.

Under Review

Absence: Electoral Cycles and Public Sector Absence

Globalization, Performance Indicators, and Demands for Education: Evidence from a Survey Experiment with Thomas Gift and Carlos X. Lastra Anadón

Book Project

Revolutions Half-Made: The Politics of Education Expansion in India

Working Papers

From Universalization to Privatization: Drift in Indian Education Policy

Power to the Parents? Representation and Interest Aggregation in Delhi with Ashwini Deshpande and Parushya

Work in Progress

Bureaucratic Selection and Politics: Evidence from Teachers in Brazil with Julia Coyoli, Leslie Finger, and Jonathan Phillips
  * Pre-registered at OSF

The Political Effects of Public-Private Partnerships: Evidence from Liberia. With Shelby Carvalho

The Impact of COVID-19 on School Choice and Household Education Expenditures: Evidence from India. With Ashutosh Bhuradia and Fei Yuan.

Teaching the Nation: The Construction of Identity Through Social Science Textbooks in India. With Devika Agrawal and Blair Read.

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